Helping Australian's invest in property sustainability and climate management

Future World is a hands-on training and resource management provider where eco ideas come to life! The centre has inspiring and interactive systems and procedures that showcase solutions to environmental challenges.

With our unique and interactive environmental education programs we offer tailor-made activities for school groups, government bodies, property management companies, retail management and local councils.

You can become a member or volunteer of Future World to further our cause.

If you are ready to join an exciting environmental organisation and be kept up to date on emerging environmental technologies then you should consider becoming a member of Future World!

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Future World an Australian non-profit organisation collaborating with government, private enterprise, professional experts, and the community to create and develop a large comprehensive national centre for demonstrating, exhibiting and promoting Environmentally Appropriate Technologies.

Appropriate Technologies are products, processes or systems that use natural resources in a more ecologically sustainable manner, reduce pollution, and/or enhance the quality of life. Inevitably they create beneficial outcomes for regional and national economies.

Our service regions in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth offer an inspirational educational and tourism learning that showcases the latest technologies and services that will help our society to move towards a Sustainable Future through considered real estate, asset, property development and management.

The main focus of the service is on quality systems and procedures in the fields of renewable energy (such as solar and wind power), greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation, transport etc, particularly innovative technologies developed and/or demonstrated in Brisbane, Australia.


Property Management Sustainability Partners

Future World has developed a flexible range of innovative educational systems and learning programs for Australian not-for-profits, charities, businesses, corporations, agencies and government departments.

Some of our recent property management sustainability partners include Brisbane City Council, White Group Property Management, Homed, Agile Property Development, G-Tech, Australian Government - Department of the Environment and Energy, Funeral Directors Australia, City of Sydney Consortium and APManagement.

Research and Advice

We explore the improvement of sustainability in Australia through partnerships and:

  • explore the impact of energy use in our daily lives
  • understand what energy is and where it comes from
  • examine our built environments and how environmentally sound materials
    and building technologies are used
  • investigate clean energy sources such as solar and wind power
  • explore innovative solutions to waste, energy and water usage.

Practical Property Management

We explore the improvement of sustainability in Australia through partnerships a

  • explore our impact on water systems
  • learn about cost-efficient technologies and actions to help the environment
  • understand how our lifestyles affect the environment
  • compare costs and benefits of different technologies.