Does Wave power really work?

A new wave power plant has gone on line in Western Australia providing power and fresh water for the Navy Base!


Is there a wind farm in NSW?

There are currently 9 wind farms in use and over 23 farms being planned or in construction.



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Futureworld Happenings Summer 2014
Dear members, welcome to our end of summer newsletter.

Visitors-  Over the Christmas period we had several families visit the centre. malabar

Eighty one students from St Andrews School at Malabar came on an excursion in early December to learn about sustainable living.

Workshops-  We continue to run our workshop programs. In addition to the School Holiday Workshops, we run science based workshops for home schooled children as a means of additional funding for the centre. The Illawarra Outdoor Club also expressed interest in a Forensic Science Workshop which was held in January.

 In the January school holidays we ran two workshops: “Plastic Fantastic” and “Future Movers”, which were enjoyed by the attending Children, although we could have accommodated more children. The Forensic workshop for the Illawarra Outdoor Club was well received and it will run again in March.

Exhibits- Work by our volunteers continues on upgrading our displays. RfactorOver Summer we have produced a new display which compares the insulation properties of materials.  This was    prepared in time for the Malabar school visit.

We have refurbished our Solar Hot water display to incorporate other Solar thermal technologies. More work is planned to complete this display during Autumn. Upgrading work has also commenced on our Solar Electricity Display which when complete, will finalise our major display update.

Interns-  We will be hosting four Masters of International Business students from the University of Wollongong. Anne, Laurice, Wei and Qi will be mentored by some of our board members to allow them to obtain an insight into our not for profit business with a view to suggesting ways of improving how we operate.

Volunteers-  Being volunteer based, we are continually looking for additional volunteers to assist in the myriad  jobs involved with running of the centre. If you are interested or know someone who might be willing to assist at the centre we would be grateful to have you/them on board.

Directions-  Several grants applications fall due in Autumn and we will be looking for opportunities to avail ourselves of some of this funding for the centre.

Board members-  Elected at the February AGM were Bob Coombes President, Russ Verdon Vice President, Lance Carr Secretary/Treasurer, Susan Coombes, Steve Pitt, Col Markham, Chris Stevens, Jim Wallace, and Tim McCarthy.



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