Real Estate Environment Challenges

Renewable energy and energy conservation

We all use energy everyday. When we switch on a light, boil a kettle or charge our mobile phone. The majority of energy production involves the burning of fossil fuels, which increases the amount of carbon pollution in our atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

Futureworld showcases easy alternatives for reducing our reliance on polluting energy sources. Through interactive displays, Futureworld presents a range of options to traditional energy production and effective methods of reducing our energy consumption.


Water conservation, clever property management, recycling and re-use

Thirsty? Has it rained lately? Do you prefer showers or baths? Water is an elemental part of our world that filters through our lives without much thought. It is a material that is used in production processes, consumed, used to create power, its versatility is almost endless.

Futureworld’s many water-themed displays include the use of water to generate renewable energy, water conservation including rainwater harvesting, water efficient appliances for the home and garden, and an interactive storm water model.