Here are Futureworlds top ten tipes on sustainable living.
  1. Turn lights and electrical appliances off when not in use
  2. Use energy efficient light globes and water saver devices
  3. Walk, cycle or use public transport whenever you can
  4. Recycle all household and office waste and ensure you know the rules
  5. Purchase only energy efficient appliences and recyclable goods
  6. Learn about green energy and if it’s available in your area
  7. Reduce water use, time your showers and be water wise
  8. Write to a politican to ask what they are doing about climate change
  9. Talk to your friends, family and associates about the environment
  10. Think about your purchases, in consuming less we reduce demand

At Futureworlds were all about empowering people to make more sustainable choices. If you have any great ideas or tips on sustainable living please let us know by clicking on the link below.