Real Estate & Property Development Sustainability Management

Our Vision is to be the national leader in demonstrating Environmentally Appropriate Technologies that stimulate, promote and enhance Ecologically Sustainable Real Estate and Property Development. We aim to bring about environmental change through inspiring people to make sustainable living choices.

Our Mission

  • To develop a major exhibition centre for demonstrating environmentally appropriate technologies.
  • To showcase innovative environmental management solutions that have already been developed in the Illawarra or wider Australia.
  • To provide an interactive eco- tourism attraction for the Illawarra region.
  • To provide exciting educational and hands-on activities that will give visitors an informed understanding and awareness of how environmentally appropriate technologies contribute to a sustainable future.
  • To act as a resource for manufacturers, retailers and service providers of environmentally appropriate technologies to promote their products nationally and internationally.
  • To provide social and economic benefits to all sectors of the local community including business, education, research and tourism.